Move Management

photo 1An efficient and timely move not only eliminates your company’s “down time” (both prior to and after the move), but also saves you dollars because actual move hours (those spent pertaining to the move) are reduced.  You can receive the advantage of a skilled move-coordinator and not lose the productivity of an in-house employee who would be drawn away from his/her normal tasks into a new and often unfamiliar area of accountability.  ROSALYN BRANDT DESIGN ASSOCIATES has planned and executed moves for companies ranging in size from 1,200 sq. ft. to 46,000 sq. ft.  And because we can assure an efficient and timely move for your company, we will, in the end, save you significant cost.


The clients we have served for Move Management coordination have included small and large companies, both local and throughout California.   Each move, we are pleased to say, has been a total success for our clients. Firms, such as the California Medical Review, Inc., San Francisco, utilized not only our space planning and design services, but also our move services to relocate their San Francisco operation from a site of 24,000 sq. ft. to a larger site of 36,000 sq. ft.  They subsequently (over an  18 month period) employed our services to relocate all of their regional offices throughout the State of California.  Similarly, here in Main County, ROSALYN BRANDT DESIGN ASSOCIATES was employed by the Marin Community Foundation to successfully execute their relocation, as well as dozens of other companies, large and small.


The following outlines the Move Management services ROSALYN BRANDT DESIGN ASSOCIATES generally includes as part of this move process:

  1. Assist in the selection of the Mover/Carrier.
  2. Develop a pre-move timeline to allow for maximum ongoing work and efficiency of scheduling, with a minimum disruption to employees.
  3. Meet with your staff at a scheduled meeting to disperse specific move information and details in order to eliminate the “unknowns.”  Site areas are color-coded and move procedures are explained to the employees. (Move instructions provided by the Mover/Carrier are not sufficiently specific to assure a smooth move.) If the client does not wish to code furniture, equipment, etc., or pack contents. ROSALYN BRANDT DESIGN ASSOCIATES will send in a team to tag/pack all items, as required.
  4. RBDA will walk-thru the existing site 5 days, 3 days, and the 1 day prior to the move to make certain all items are tagged correctly and ready to be relocated to the new site.
  5. RBDA will devise and post schematics throughout the new site to expedite the Mover’s delivery of product and its installation, requiring a smooth flow and the correct placement of furniture and equipment.
  6. RBDA will be present at both sites (old and new) on move day to coordinate all move details. It becomes unnecessary for your staff to assist the Movers on move day, though a selected group is generally available.  All furniture is in place and ready for your employees to begin work as the moving trucks depart from your new site.


It is important to note that we are always available throughout this entire process to help with any questions or problems.  THE ULTIMATE GOAL IS A TIMELY, PAINLESS, SMOOTH TRANSITION TO YOUR NEW LOCATION.